Danish developed polystyrene cuttingmachine for the professional craftsman.

Polycut 500Pro

Polycut 500Pro is the further developed version of the popular polystyrene cutting machine from Polycut.

Polycut 500Pro has a number of new updates compared to the previous version such as:

  • New linear guidance– ensures a very stable guidance of the cutting unit
  • Cuts up to 500 mm. polystyrene quickly and accurately
  • Grade angle – can be supplied with a new grade angle
  • Other updates– including the power part etc.

Watch here when the owner of Polycut.dk, Mikael Rødkjær, shows what the Polycut 500Pro can do.

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Polystyrene cutter machine in a special class




The Polycut Flamingo Cutting Machine is robust and built for the craftsman, it’s fast and easy to use, and it’s efficient.

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