English presentation of the Polystyrene cutting maschine

Presenting the Polycut polystyrene cutting machine

My name is Mikael Rødkjær. I would like to present the Polycut polystyrene cutting machine.

Polycut is a new polystyrene cutting machine, designed and produced in Denmark.

The machine have been developed in cooperation with leading craftsmen from the Danish construction industry.

Designed to be used

The Polycut machine is developed to the busy craftsman, who want’s to save time while cutting polystyrene.  

It is a durable and solid machine, which can be used around the construction sights, without any fear of it breaking down.

It is easy to transport and light weight.

It is really designed to be used.

The Polycut polystyrene cutting machine is very robust and durable
Tha Polycut machine is precise and easy to use

Accurate and easy to use

The machine is quick and easy to operate. The flexible table provides a good and steady support of the polystyrene.

The fixed table has measure indication on both sides of the cutting wire, making it easy to cut the polystyrene in the desired measurements.

The machine uses its own weight, when it cuts through the polystyrene, ensuring an even and uniform cut.

Full sparepart- program and service

The Polycut machine is able to cut through 400mm polystyrene in approximately 30 seconds.

With the Polycut machine you will experience a much easier and faster completion of your polystyrene cutting tasks.

We offer a full spare parts program and service on the machine.


Full sparepart program for the polystyrene cutting machine

Extra features

It is possible to buy an extra adjustable tabletop for the Polycut machine. This will allow you to cut the long side of the polystyrene in any desired angle.

You may need an extra exhaustbox for the existing absorption. 

Naturally you can get this from us too. If you are not sure if you need it, talk to us and let us guide you for the best experience. 

English presentation of Polycut machine