My name is Mikael Rødkjær. I would like to present the Polycut machine.
Polycut is a new Danish produced polystyrene cutting machine, which is developed in cooperation with leading men from the Danish construction industry.

The Polycut machine is developed to the tradesman, who spends a lot of time cutting polystyrene.  It is a durable and solid machine, and it is designed to be used.

The machine is quick and easy to operate. The flexible table maintains good and steady support of the polystyrene.

The steady table with measurement units on both sides of the cutting wire, makes it easy to find the exact measurements on the polystyrene.

The Polycut machine uses its own weight when it is cutting through the polystyrene and it therefore secure an uniform cut, which is always correct.

The Polycut machine is able to cut through 400mm polystyrene in approximately 30 seconds.

With the Polycut machine you will experience a much easier and faster completion of your polystyrene cutting tasks.

We offer a full spare parts program and service on the machine.


The polycut machine can also come with an extra adjustable tabletop, which allows you to cut the long side of the polystyrene in degrees. It is also possible to purchase an extra exhaust box for the already existing absorption.